Notes assigned to a contact

SALESmanago enables you to assign notes to particular contacts. This is a very useful tool used in CRM for supplying customer data.  With several user accounts, you can flag a note as PRIVATE (it will be visible only to the user who has added it); otherwise the note will be visible to all users who can view a particular contact. This mechanism greatly facilitates the transfer of information related to prospects. You will find notes directly on the CONTACT CARD:


[1] Add note –  you can add a note manually and flag it as private (visible only to the author).

TIP: The note can be of any length.

[2] Note preview – a preview option displaying all notes that can be edited or removed at any time. The times and dates of creating notes are displayed yet the name of the user who added a particular note is not shown. However, if a given note is private, relevant information will be displayed in parentheses (priv).


Notes can be also assigned using actions available via automation rules. For more information click here >>