Video tutorials

Thanks to video tutorials you can learn how to use SALESmanago and get the most out of its potential! Learn more about marketing automation.


Installing monitoring code
How to add monitoring code to WordPress
An overview of the dashboard 
Your Marketing
Tags – the fundamentals of database segmentation
Real time monitoring
Additional security settings


Navigating the contact card
Creating monitoring link on contact card 
How to add notes to a contact
Transaction data on a contact card
External events – basic information


CRM – main dashboard
How to add new user account
How Adding contact to the system and contact state
Importing contact details
Preparing files for import
How to use contact states
How to manage contacts
How to filter contacts from a contact card
Assigning tasks for the user to the contact
Adding tasks to Google Calendar
How to delete contacts
Data export
How to export contacts
Data export for a selected user


Email Marketing – main dashboard
General analytics of sent emails
Email analytics after choosing details
How to set up email accounts
Creating an email template
Creating an email
Personalized emails
How to personalize messages using contact’s name
Opt-out tags
Drag and drop email creator
How to send an email
Selectors for addressing e-mails
Advanced contact segmentation
Sending periodic emails 
How to set up an automated birthday email
Testing sent email – A/B testing 
Spam test 
How to limit the number of emails sent to contacts
How to cancel planned mailing
Generating QR codes in emails


SMS templates
Sending SMS messages 
SMS birthday messages
Mass SMS analytics


Website marketing – main dashboard
Web push notifications
Automatic Sales Chat
Personalized banners
How to create contact forms using the drag & drop creator

Easy contact form creator

Contact form wizard
Iframe wizard
Landing page wizard

Contact forms

How to create contact forms
How to embed a contact form in a Iframe on a website
How to embed a contact form in a Sidebar on a website
How to embed a contact form in a Popup on a website
How to customize the confirmation email

Download center

Download center


Social Media Publications
Facebook Ads Integration
Add Custom Audience
Wizard: boost your posts
Wizard: send people to your website
Wizard: increase conversions on your website
Facebook Campaign Dashboard
Custom Audience Dashboard


Automation processes – dashboard
How to use new automation rules
Scheduling e-mails with rules
Contact behavior alerts
Quick actions
How to create a segmentation matrix
How to use AdHoc rules
Assigning tags to the contacts
Assigning hardware and software tags
How to configure contact scoring
Contact scoring based on activity on monitored page – advanced
How to setup coupons
Adding UTM parameters to links 
Workflow : Creating automated campaign 


Creating sales funnel – basic


eCommerce NextGen Wizard – dynamic emails
eCommerce NextGen Wizard – recommendation frame
Popular products analytics
eCommerce NextGen – dynamic email analytics
eCommerce NextGen – recommendation frame analytics


Dynamic content test – main dashboard
Personalized banners
Landing pages
Recommendation frames
Contact forms


Send email
Lead nurturing 
Wizard: Alert


General database analytics
Dashboard – lead routing analytics
Dashboard – campaign analytics
Dashboard – lead generation analytics
Contact analytics
eCommerce Analytics
Analytical dashboard RFM


Content repository – basic
How to generate contact analytics reports – basic
Contact behaviors report – sales funnel conversions
Contact behaviors report – tag conversions
External events export


How to integrate your SMS provider
Three ways to integrate SALESmanago with Facebook
XML – usage possibilities and technical requirements
Anonymous contacts identification
Web beacons integration

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