New features

Release date Features Progress
20.07.2017 The Home Dashboard From now on, you will be informed about the traffic of anonymous and identified visitors on your website every time you log in to the system.
Advanced Drag&Drop contact form wizard We improved the contact form display settings as well as added the new contact form templates. Manage the form responsiveness, place it on your website and start gaining new leads! More >>
12.07.2017 New drag & drop email designer This streamlined drag & drop email designer is a true revolution in Email Marketing. Based on the industry’s best practices, it lets you design beautiful, responsive email templates in no time. More >>
28.06.2017 Pop-up contact form builder: Express Easily design pop-up contact forms in the new, streamlined Express editor. If you want to create an outstanding pop-up in just a few minutes, Express is your best bet. More >>
Image gallery Keep all your graphic files in one place with the new Image Gallery, whether you’re making an email template, contact form or other content. More >>
Action: send web push notification Communicate priority information in a timely manner using web push notifications. Now you can send them automatically to precisely defined groups of contacts. More >>
Integration with Shopware The new Shopware-SALESmanago integration makes it possible to relay information between both platforms. The integration plugin is available in 3 languages – English, German and Polish. More >>
26.05.2017 Traffic on your website in real time The new analytical dashboard offers a comprehensive and dynamic overview of visitor activity on your website, displaying real-time traffic analytics to empower your decision making. More >>
Dashboard: Lead Generation In the new Lead Generation dashboard, you can view all your contact forms, edit them or make new ones. More >>
Action: send an email with a recommendation frame Automatically send dynamic, personalized recommendation emails to people visiting your website. More >>
Action: opt-in contact If you see opted-out contacts become interested in your product, you can create a rule that automatically changes contact status from opt-out to opt-in. More >>
25.04.2017 User account Specify exactly what data particular users can access and what features of your SALESmanago platform they may use. More >>
Emails with product frames in HTML You can now add a product recommendation frame to an email created in the HTML wizard. The frame can display recently viewed products or products left in the cart. More >>
10.03.2017 Wizard: Dynamic emails You can now add information about the products viewed by your contact to the content of your emails. More >>
Automation rules The new action “Send an email with the last viewed products” allows you to send personalised dynamic emails to the specified group of recipients. More >>
Landing Page Wizard From now on, you can add a product frame with the dynamic content directly in the Landing Page wizard and display it later as an iframe on your website. More >>
20.02.2017 Machine Learning & AI Marketing This module in the system allows you to make personalised product recommendations to the clients based on their behavior and transaction preferences. More >>
Analytics Panel: AI Recommendations You can monitore the work of the mentioned module in the Analytics Panel AI Recommendations. More >>
Contact card You can preview the personalised recommended products for each of your clients on the contact card in the section AI Recommendations. More >>
Wizard: abandoned cart Create dynamic emails from the system displaying products contact added to the cart, but didn’t purchase. Let’s rescue the abandoned cart!
Automation rules You can now send dynamic email directly from the automation rules using action “Send abandoned cart email”. You will be able to create more personalised content based on the advanced segmentation.
09.01.2017 Automation rules Enjoy the easiest way of adding automation processes with the help of Drag&Drop system.
Contact card You will find advanced analytics such as: the most used devices, the most popular operating systems, the most popular browsers.
14.12.2016 Contacts import This visual update is designed in order to make the process of import much easier for every user. One useful feature is the sample mapping button.
Wizard: Autoresponder Autoresponder can now be activated and deactivated from the main wizard’s list.
Integration with GupShup You can now integrate SALESmanago with GupShup gateway, the large Indian messaging platform.
29.11.2016 Automation rules Access to the advanced automation rule analytics: general information, rule’s details and automation email analytics.
Segmentation matrices We have made it easier for you to manage created in the system segmentation matrices: you can now activate or disactivate it from the level of the matrices dashboard.
24.11.2016 Condition: contact clicked on the link in the email Ability to define the specific URL in the settings of the condition in automation rules.
Automation rules You can now add a description to each rule. The short note will let you find a necessary rule within the whole automation rules list.
Tasks and reminders Possibility to filter task list according to the category.
10.11.2016 Workflow panel The visual changes in the Workflow panel will help you to gain an easy access to the addition of the already existing workflow as well as to its analytics.
RFM Analytics New action “Add Custom Audience”, which will allow to create a new contacts group based on RFM matrices and dimensions.
Social Media: Promote a product catalog This feature will let you run a Facebook campaign by displaying products from your store, adding CTA buttons like download, learn more, buy now, etc.
03.11.2016 Sent email analytics From now you will have an analytics of the devices/ operational systems/ browsers most frequently used by your contacts.
Social Media Posting You can easily schedule and post on Facebook and Twitter directly from SALESmanago! More >>
27.10.2016 Calendar This personal calendar will give you the ability to follow your import/export processes and easily schedule email sending.
Event: note added to a contact There is now a possibility to activate automation processes, when the note has been added to the contact. More >>
Custom details
We added new type of custom details, which allows on saving dates for e.g. birthday of your child.
Integration with the SMS Twilio gateway You are able to integrate you SALESmanago account with the SMS Twilio gateway and start using advantages of Mobile Marketing. More >>
Periodic emails From now you can send out periodic emails to the contacts according to the custom details on the contact card. More >>
25.10.2016 Publications in Social Media This absolutely new tool will let you publish posts on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, you will be able to schedule publishing your posts on Facebook! More >>
18.10.2016 Your Marketing You will be able to coordinate your work in SALESmanago using the analytics generated in the panel. More >>
Web Push This feature will allow you to send notifications to contacts even when the site is not loaded. More >>
Mobile Marketing –SMS template Opportunity to share SMS template with other users in the system. More >>
03.10.2016 Event: Contact RFM segment changed Thanks to this element you can plan action according to which segment of the RFM panel contact went to. More >>
Condition: contact is in RFM segment From now you can add in the automation rule the condition: contact is in the RFM segment. More >>
Automatic Sales Chat It is a robot which synchronized with Facebook can replace customer service department and help customers shopping. More >>
Wizard: Contact form You can now easily create contact forms from the level of wizard. More>>
27.09.2016 Condition: Contact has been opted out There is now a possibility to contact automatically users who decided to unsubscribe to our newsletter. More >>
23.09.2016 General contact scoring Scoring points will be automatically assigned to contacts depending on their behavior on the website. More >>
19.09.2016 Automatisation of the panel RFM From now on you can execute actions for the specific group of contacts using panel RFM. More >>
Event: New External event occured Implemented changes will allow to schedule activation of an action after the occured event. More >>
09.09.2016 Workflow analytics Thanks to Workflow campaign you can create advanced structures which will conduct marketing actions for you. More >>
30.08.2016 SALESmanago mobile app for Android and IOS Use the SALESmanago Marketing Automation mobile app and have everything under control. More >>
04.08.2016 Wizard: Lead Nutruting New wizard will allow you to create a campaign of messages in easier and more comfortable way. More >>
Wizard: Segmentation Matrices This new wizard will help you to assign a tag after the contact who visited a selected URL. More >>
26.07.2016 Workflow Workflow is used in order to plan and automatize marketing campaigns. More >>
Wizard: Alert With the help of the wizard you will always stay updated on your contacts activity on the webpage. More >>
Integration SALESmanago with APPmanago More comprehensive integration SALESmanago with APPmanago – it allows you to activate automation rules and connect data source form these two systems. More >>
15.07.2016 Export contacts You can export contacts from SALESmanago database to excel file. More >>
08.07.2016 RFM analytics New panel RFM analytics is used in order to analyse and segment customers according to their behavior. More >>
Pop up Managing the easiest way of showing pop ups on the home page only. More >>
27.06.2016 Import contacts From now you are able to import new contacts to SALESmanago and have an access to analytics much easier and faster. Więcej >>
Demo version of the system Preparation of the new dashboards on the demo version with the purpose of better presentation of SALESmanago system. More >>
31.05.2016 Integration with ZohoCRM You will have an easy access to the integration between SALESmanago and Zoho CRM. More >>
Automation rules New panel of an automation rule creator, which will let you run advanced automatic campaigns much easier. More >>
01.04.2016 External events integration through JavaScript New way of transferring data on external events to SALESmanago using JavaScript. More >>

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