How to create contact forms in HTML


In order to create a form in HTML code go to Website Marketing -> Contact forms -> Add a new form

For further options click hehe >>

Option 1. 


[1] Email placeholder – to be filled in if a given field is to display a text, e.g. (a).
[2] Resign button text – fill in this field if you want your form to feature a button allowing to resign – the contact is unsubscribed from the database: $resign$ (b).
[3] Submit button text – button for sending data to the system  – $submit$ (c).
[4] Instead of a default button you can enter the URL of an image that will be displayed in its place. In order to add images – use the editor – add image from gallery (d).

Form preview:



Upload the form to the editor. Ideally, it should be created directly in HTML.

After switching you will see HTML Source Editor:


Email address– $email$ and $submit$ are mandatory fields;  other fields that can be added to the form include:

  • name – $name$
  • telephone – $phone$
  • company – $company$
  • province – $province$
  • street – $street:required$
  • zip – $zip:required$
  • city – $city$
  • birthday – $birthdayDay$ $birthdayMonth$  $birthdayYear$
  • resignation – contact is unsubscribed from the database – $resign$
  • non-standard fields (additional details)  – $cst.detail_name$ . In this case you must remember to fill in the ‘Non-standard fields (separated by commas):’, below ‘+ Form layout’.

If you wish to make some fields mandatory (besides the email address), add ‘required’ to the attribute, eg. $name:required$ $cst.detail_name:required$

If you want use on our form a check box, you need to add to html code: $cst.agreement:checkbox$
If you wish to make some fields mandatory, add ‘required’ to the attribute, eg. $cst.agreement:checkbox:required$

Option 2.

You can also create a template by uploading a ready html form. To do this, skip the visual settings and go directly to the contents window, switch to HTML editing and copy the html code prepared earlier.