eCommerce NextGen – wizard: recommendation frame

With eCommerce NextGen module you can create on your own recommendation frames. It is a fully personalized content related to individual interest of each receiver. Frames can be placed anywhere within a www page. Information inside the frame is updating in a real time, for every contact individually, during every visit. While creating a recommendation frame, you can choose the way of inserting products in, e.g. contact viewed a product or clicked on its details.

Wizard can be found in menu E-COMMERCE -> NAME OF THE SHOP (that NextGen module is attached to) -> RECOMMENDATION FRAME.

Main screen contains the list of every recommendation frame that has been created in the system. You can preview or edit it at any time. In order to add a new dynamic email click: ADD NEW RECOMMENDATION FRAME.


Wizard consists of two stages: [A] RECOMMENDATION FRAME and [B] FRAME CODE



In the window below you can create a frame with drag&drop creator, by specifying its width, structure, and adding dynamic product recommendations, and provide Its name for.


There are four ways of placing an information and a photo. You can just drag a particular element and drop it in the central part of the message to preview its structure.


Note: At this stage of creating frame just specify the way of selecting data to be inserted within one product field. Additionally, you can edit the text, but you cannot put there any other data.


[1] Setting the recommendation engine – click this button to change settings of recommendation engine.


From the available options, for one product you can select one mechanism:

  • product last clicked by a contact,
  • product last viewed by a contact,
  • product most clicked by a contact,
  • product most viewed by contact,
  • similar product most clicked by other people,
  • similar product most viewed by other people.


  • PRODUCT CLICKED  a product, where a contact saw the product and its information; from which website a contact was redirected from, to the page containing details of a product (each product has individual URL address).
  • PRODUCT VIEWED  a product that a contact saw on the list of products, stopped there for a while and was previewing a product, but did not enter the contact card (did not enter a product URL, but just longer previewed a product on the product list).

USE SPECIAL PRICE  marking this option will make the discount price appear next to the basic product price (which will be crossed).

SELECTING PRODUCT ORDER – after we set selecting mechanism, we need to specify the order of the product, e.g. product clicked latest by contact. We can choose:

  • 1 – it will be the last product clicked by a contact,
  • 2 it will be the second last product clicked by a contact,
  • 3 it will be third from the end clicked product.

Note: Choosing certain number will specify the product that will be uploaded to the message according to selected scheme. Avoid duplication, for example do not put in two product fields same number. That will upload one product in two places.

SAVE  confirm your choice clicking save button.

After selecting the mechanism, an email window will slightly change its look.


[1] Informative text  this text will not be displayed in the dynamic email. The information is just for someone who creates the frame so he has the preview of the mechanism.

[2] Edition of elements  elements from marked red frame can be edited: their size, style, font color, however you can not edit the text Itself. In the text field detailed information concerning the product content (as in your product xml file) will be uploaded. Examples:

  • brand  product brand,
  • name – product name,
  • desc – product description,
  • price  product price.

If you do not want to have certain information included in the frame, e.g. product brand, you can delete the module by clicking TRASH button.


NOTE: this is the mechanism of creating one product field. You can put any number of those fields into a frame, space available on a www page is the only limit.

After creating frame, save it and click NEXT.



At this stage, specify the width and height of the frame, copy html code and paste it in the correct place in your page.

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