Deleting contacts from the database

The SALESmanago System offers its users two options for removing contacts from the database: standard removal and permanent deletion. Contacts can be removed in several places.

Removed contacts receive the ‘removed’ status and they are marked in the system with a red dot. Such contacts, if previously monitored, will continue to be monitored with their activity being tracked on an ongoing basis. No messages will be sent to the removed contacts.


1) Remove contact directly on the contact card.  With this option you can remove contacts:

2) Remove a contact from the contact list. In the CRM =>Contacts list you can select the contacts to be removed and choose Action. From the dropdownlist choose Delete.

3) Removing contacts through contact management. For more information click here >> 

IMPORTANT: In order to view the contacts with the ‘removed contact’ status navigate to CRM => Contacts list. Next, from the contact list go to Filter and select Removed .


IMPORTANT:  Remember that restoring is not always possible as the removed contacts are deleted permanently from the system between 2 and 4 a.m.

There are 5 ways to restore the contacts:

  • import contact – mark the option restore removed contacts,
  • directly on the contact card,
  • in CRM => Manage Contacts – delete/undelete contact,
  • contact signs up again on the contact form (option available when the contact was permanently removed from the system),
  • sending information about the contact through API.