Birthday emails

The birthday email functionality can be found in: EMAIL MARKETING-> BIRTHDAY EMAILS 

This function enables you to plan birthday mailing in accordance to the date of birth supplied in the contact card. With this functionality, you can, for example, send a special discount coupon to a particular contact three days before the actual birthday, to be used on that special day.

To set the mailing, import contacts first. This is done in an Excel file, with the date of birth entered as YYYYMMDD (e.g. 19850723) or MMDD (0723) in a dedicated column [1] 


During the import select, choose the date column from the drop-down list. If the contacts have been featured in the database before, select ‘Add also to the existing contacts (duplicates)’. You can also enter a new tag for these contacts.

After the database has been imported, a typical contact card must feature an entry in the Birthday field [3]. The date can be also added or edited manually after clicking ‘Edit’ on the contact card.


You can also add the date via API, using the contact/upsert method (API specification and example in PHP).

Once your birthday email is ready, go to EMAIL MARKETING-> Birthday emails and click ‘Add new email’).

Enter the birthday mailing name [3] and select prepared email [4]. In the Mailing Details enter the time when the email should be send [5] and the number of days preceding the birthday as its delivery date [6]. Check ‘Send on the first day of a month’ [7], if you wish the mail to be sent once, at the beginning of each month, to all contacts whose birthdays occur within this particular month.

Enter the addressee [8] (a specific tag or ‘all’, if the mail is to be sent to all contacts in the database). After you have supplied the subject line [9] the mailing is ready to be saved.


Birthday mail statistics can be found in Email Marketing-> Single Email Analytics. These can be filtered using the ‘Filter’ option on the right side [10].