Automation rules – introduction

With automation rules, users can automatically perform many marketing activities meant to reach their target customers.
After you start using Automation rules you will be able to do the following:

  • educate your leads through regular mailing (lead nurturing),
  • send automated offers fine-tuned to prospects profiles and activate them once desired behaviour is recognised,
  • move prospects between sales process stages,
  • send alerts to your sales team to inform them about contacts becoming interested in products or services,
  • send dynamic emails to prospects following their visit to your website,
  • send emails and SMS encouraging prospects to finalise their purchases, whenever they abort the purchase process,
  • choose banners for RTB campaigns to be displayed for particular contacts.


TIP: You can add a note to each automation rule. A short description might help you find rules faster and
remember the way they work easily.

Follow these links to learn more about the individual elements of the rules:

Important: Remember that, depending on how they are set, some rules may work only for monitored contacts.