Segmentation Matrices Wizard

Segmentation Matrices Wizard is used to segment your contacts. You can create a matrix that will add tags to contact after its every visit on the website. It is possible to set matrix with the Wizard or in the Automation Processes.

You will find Segmentation Matrices Wizard in Automation Processes -> Segmentation -> Segmentation Matrices


TIP: From a segmentation matrix list you can quickly turn a matrix on and off using this button: enter_the_matrix

[A] Basic settings


[A1] Segmentation matrix name – to begin setting the matrix, enter Its name. It helps to identify matrix in the system.

To proceed press Next.

[B] Rules


If we want the matrix to work, we need to set a rule for It. We can set simple or dynamic rule.

Simple rule:

[B1] Visited website – insert monitored website address for which rule will be set.

[B2] Visited page (URL) – If we want the rule to activate after contact visits particular subpage we can type Its URL.

[B3] For at least – we can also choose a minimal time that contact has to spend on the website to have signed tag.

[B4] Add tags – here we insert tags that are going to be signed to contact after he visits website/subage/for at least chosen time.

[B5] Add scoring tags – points that are going to accumulate every time contact fulfills previously set conditions.

[B6] Segmentation rules – this is where our rules details will appear. Also here we can edit and delete the rule.


Dynamic rule: 

Dynamic rule usage is different than simple rule. It is an advanced option you can see more detailed information about It here>>.

Therefore usage of every step of the rule is the same, except one:

[B2] visited page (URL) – we need to insert URL regular expression and create the matrix with indicated part of the website address. After contact visits every given tab of the regular expression, the tag will be signed to It.

[C] Summary


[C1] Summary of the segmentation rules – after setting matrices, Summary with Its details will display.

[C2] Activate segmentation matrix – to activate the matrix turn It from OFF to ON.

If we want to save the matrix in the system press Save rules.