API & Developers

Below we provide documents which will help in programming work while integrating SALESmanago:

API documentation– full desciption of SALESmanago API
Plugin MAGENTO (v 1.5.6) – SALESmanago plugin integration supports MAGENTO versions 1.8+ (MAGENTO version 2.0 is not supported by this plugin)
Plugin Magento 2.0 (v. 1.0.0)
Plugin PrestaShop (v 1.6.2) – this integration plugin supports PrestaShop versions 1.5+
Contact Form 7 – WordPress (v 0.2.6)
Plugin WooCommerce (v 2.2.4)
Shopware Integration (v. 5.2+)
External events integration through JavaScript

Examples in PHP:

contactupsert.zip – contact/upsert method which adds contact to the system and updates script with a contactId – it starts contact monitoring.
contactdelete.zip – contact/delete method which deletes contact from the system
addextevent.zip – contact/addContactExtEvent method which adds external event to a contact
updatecontactextevent.zip – updateContactExtEvent method which allows to update external event ( transactions)
hascontact.zip – contact/hasContact method which checks if contact already exists in the system
listbyid.zip – contact/listById method which returns contact data from array with IDs
manage_tags.zip – contact/managetags method which allows to add or remove tags from contact
optout.zip – optout method
paginatedcontactlist.zip – paginatedContactList method which allows to download paginated contacts list with details
sendemail.zip – sendEmail method which allows to send email through SALESmanago API
addContactCoupon.zip – addContactCoupon method which assigns coupon to contact
updateTask.zip – updateTask method which updates tasks for contact
basic.zip – basic method which returns basic information about contact based on contact email
basic.zip – basic method which returns basic information about contact based on contact ID

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