A/B tests

A/B tests are one of the best tools for optimizing and improving the effectiveness of email marketing. SALESmanago offers extensive A/B testing for appearance, news, topics and point of delivery.

The test can be performed on any email message stored in the list of standard messages. In order to send an A/B test, click on the tab A/B/X TESTING → A/B TESTS → SEND NEW TEST A/B.



[1] Name – provide the name for a test.
[2] Group – select the group from the list that is to be located. If necessary, add a new group. By default, all tests will be placed in the group “Default”. Then you will be able to find A/B test on the list. Use simple names – this will facilitate further analysis of our marketing activities.
[3] Addressee –  Add your email address, name or tag and you can exclude people that you do not want the tests to go to. The rules to address the messages is the same as in the standard mailings.

After adding the addressees you can count their total number with the button Count.


Other settings apply to the security of the tested messages. Set settings independently for versions A and B.

  • [4] Email – select an email. You can choose from all the messages saved in the list of the standard messages in Email Marketing Email List. To find out more click here.
  • [5] Send to – choose the percentage of contacts to which we have to send a part of emails. For example, if in the Addressee field [3] you provided a tag that has 100 00 addressees and you chose an A test version to 20% of your contacts, such version will be sent to 20 000 contacts. To make the test more plausible you should send versions to at least hundred of contacts.
  • [6] Subject – choose a subject name for A and B emails. Find out more about personalizing an email.
  • [7] Send on date – you can choose the date when the tests should be sent. By default, they would be set as the same. Please note that if you choose different dates (for example in two days) you will have to wait for the statistics until both messages are sent. To get the plausible results you should wait at least a couple of hours.

Click “send” and the test message will be sent to random contacts, as set in the addressee field [3].

Then, you can leave A/B test – getting results will take up to several hours. Most of the contacts will not open a message as soon as it is delivered that is why you need to wait for results.

[8] Send the better email – you can also automatically send a “better” email. It is also possible to send an automatic version of the test. Choose the criteria and set the time that you want it to be sent. You can send the same test the next day or choose to send at any time that you desire.


To see the performance statistics of a performed A/B test, go to A/B/X TESTING → A/B TESTS and click Details.

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